...a family owned saloon since 1893...with stories to tell...

A Late Afternoon - 1905
Business was proceeding as usual, a few tired miners at the bar, prospectors and locals playing craps, Black Jack and pool, and through the smoke filled saloon you could hear the spinning of the roulette wheel and the little white ball as it droppped into its desired slot. A somber crowd until the evening wore on then the booze ran faster, the noise louder, adn the stakes got higher.

The atmosphere was soon to change, the two big doors flug open and in sauntered two fellows, one a big burley character with a seedy beard, dirty long hair, and his big black hat pulled down over one side as to try and cover the patch he had over one eye. Around his long grey coat a a belt cinched tight displaying a long knife dangling down his side. His partner, a smaller man (one not of such stature) followed close by, both gypsies by nature. Walking up to the bar, the big fellow demanded drinks for the pair. Dad, judging the character of the two, hesitated, and asked if he had money to pay for his liquid refreshments. A great hush fell over the saloon as the stranger stepped back, a big broad smile spread across his face, and drew the long hand-made knife from his belt slamming it on the bar and said "HERE'S YOUR ------- MONEY!!!"

To keep from causing a commotion, Dad served them their drinks and, anticipating trouble, he started to reach for the gun he had hidden under the bar. The gypsies, sensing Dad's move, waved the knife across the bar forcing Dad to back away from his source of equality. The roulette wheel, the roll of the dice, the sounds of the pool balls came to a stop, and the crowds intensity came to a low hush. One of the fellows at the pool table, trying to help, hollered out "JAKE, HERE COMES THE SHERIFF!" and then dove under the table as to be protected from flying bullets. Hearing and seeing this, the gypsies started out the door with Dad demanding money for the drinks. The gypsie with the knife in his hand turned around and threw the knife at the back door and exclaimed "HERE'S YOUR SOB'N MONEY!". The knife, flying through the air, drove its long heavy blade into the floor at the base of the door. The gypsies ran out never to be seen or heard from again. The knife, until recently, was behind the bar as a "momento" of this exciting experience. It also disappeared as did the gypsies.

The knife had a blade 18" long and was sharp as a razor. Two pieces of wood held together with copper wire made up thie handle...